sad job

As with this man and his bear head, I have also been a costume wearer. A Santa Claus, a Rabbit, a Ferret, a Cow, a Sheep, a Dog, and even a Pea. A friend once, assumed the role of a Chicken, promoting the brand ‘Chicken Tonight’ near the Oscars ceremony, this offered him a fleeting and frustrating glimpse into stardom that Hollywood offers, albeit as an actor dressed up as a chicken, himself striving for recognition.
In my own case, I once found myself dressed as a Ben and Jerry’s Cow, presenting an award to the CEO of the organisation serving as a sponsor for the prestigious Tate Turbine Hall exhibition space. The ceremony took place beneath the large presence of an Anish Kapoor oversized sculpture. This experience dropped me into the proximity and realm of a world-renowned artist, yet also underlined the reality of my own artistic status.
Reflecting upon these experiences, it is intriguing how our ambitions can lead us to anticipate significant accomplishments in our lives, only to find ourselves encapsulated within the confines of a chicken and or a cow. The dissonance between our aspirations and the reality of our roles evokes contemplation on the complexities of personal fulfillment and the varied paths that unfold before us. I hope this man will get to where he is going.