kite flyers


The act of flying kites, within the customs of numerous cultures, is an intriguing tradition to explore. Curiously, these kites remain stationary in the expanse of the sky, their motion confined solely to the rotation of the spindle as it propels them aloft. No elaborate stunts, aerial acrobatics, or exhilarating swishing sounds, the essence of this kite flying manifests in a gradual ascent, almost transcending into the realms of space. It is within this serene progression that discussions and dialogues are spoken, revolved around the selection of the perfect kite string, the suitable spindle, the coldest day for flight, and the use of delicate illuminations to accompany the twine for nighttime kite flying. Comparable to the art of angling, kite flying here motions that of the unfolding of unhurried time. While observers may perceive the static figure of the kite flyer, the internal satisfaction and contentment experienced by the flyer remain hidden from view, known solely to the few who partakes in this tranquil pursuit.