hut on the mountain

Across the mountains, lots of Shepherds’ huts can be found, scattered intermittently. Curiously, one rarely encounters actual Shepherds within these huts. Instead, they can be found in conversations with their flocks, equipped with their mobile devices and traversing dusty villages. It becomes evident that these huts serve a primarily symbolic purpose, intended to convey an image of rustic authenticity and unwavering resilience. The act of slumbering within a mountain hut is said to be a defining characteristic of a Shepherd’s identity, yet this symbolic association does not manifest into a genuine Shepherd’s presence. Rather, the huts serve as mere backdrops for picturesque views and snapshots captured by inquisitive wanderers. The huts stand as emblems of a romanticized notion, while the essence of Shepherding lies beyond their physical confines, entwined with the captivating landscapes and the tangible interactions between Shepherd and flock.