Tesco Devotional

Engaging in a prolonged act of crawling and bowing for a duration exceeding three hours within the grounds of Tesco’s newly opened store on Cromwell Road, London, in 1996, I sought to demonstrate an expression of deep reverence and devotion. In paying homage to this commercial establishment, primarily associated with the sale of food products, my intention was to shed light on the inherent draw and appeal that such buildings hold for individuals. Additionally, I aimed to emphasize how Tesco’s innovative approach to the shopping experience offers more than just a transactional interaction, but rather a potential pathway to self-discovery and transformative lifestyles.

By willingly committing to the extreme and unconventional act of devoting oneself to the Tesco devotional (TM) experience, I sought to underscore the perceived value and life-altering potential that can arise from immersing oneself in the context of a retail environment. This performance piece aimed to provoke contemplation on the power of consumerism and its ability to shape personal identities and foster profound changes in individuals’ lives.

Through the incorporation of ritualistic actions and the invocation of devotion, the intention was to challenge conventional perspectives and inspire critical engagement with the multifaceted nature of contemporary consumer culture. By venturing into the realm of Tesco’s commercial space with such dedication and commitment, I sought to highlight the complex relationship between individuals, commercial entities, and the transformative possibilities that can arise from retail experiences. Well, until I was told to leave or they would call the police.

Photo: Victor

Devotion to the new Temple of foodship