South to East London

Embarking on a journey that traverses from South to East London, passing through the City of London, I assumed the role of an absurd caricature, drawing inspiration from the archetypal figure of an old-fashioned British explorer. Through a combination of performative actions and written discourse, my objective was to engage in a reflective examination of the City of London’s historical connection to colonialism and its subsequent influence in shaping and exerting control over the communities residing in South and East London.

By embodying this exaggerated character, I aimed to illuminate the intricate dynamics of power and privilege that have stemmed from the City of London’s colonial past. This artistic endeavor sought to critically explore how the historical legacies of empire and colonization have informed and perpetuated socio-economic disparities and cultural dynamics within the communities of South and East London.

Through performative gestures and written expressions, I endeavored to shed light on the ways in which the City of London has derived benefits and exercised influence based on its colonial history. The intention behind this reflective exploration was to prompt a deeper understanding and critical engagement with the complex interplay between colonialism, community formation, and control within the context of London’s diverse urban landscape.

Person: Liam

Photo: Mark

Re-telling the diasporas of South to East London