Boxing previous performances

The artwork titled “Boxing Previous Performance” held a pivotal position within the Red Ape performance art series, curated by the multifaceted artist, writer, and musician Mark Greenwood. This significant artistic endeavor took place at the esteemed Plymouth Arts Centre in the United Kingdom during the year 2009. The series itself showcased the creative expressions of three distinct performance artists, each granted an entire day consisting of ten hours, spanning over three consecutive weekends. Notably, I assumed the final slot within this sequential arrangement.

Throughout the designated ten-hour timeframe assigned to me, my artistic pursuit centered on a meticulous process of packing and organizing the residual materials, remnants, and artifacts generated by both my own contributions and those of the preceding two artists. This involved carefully arranging these elements into sturdy cardboard boxes, while also undertaking the crucial task of labeling them. The intention behind these actions was to acknowledge and pay tribute to the roles played by the earlier artists in the collective act of packing and preserving the creative remnants. Furthermore, the deliberate construction of a cardboard box monument served as a symbolic representation of the artists’ processes and the by-products they generated.

By engaging in this thoughtful and methodical artistic practice, “Boxing Previous Performance” served to highlight the significance of the artistic journey, while also creating a tangible representation of the transient nature of artistic expression and the inherent value found within the remnants and by-products of the creative process.

Photo: Nicolas Grew

Packing up the remnants of performance art