London Gothic

This performance piece serves as a homage to the renowned American painter Grant Wood’s iconic artwork, “American Gothic.” In this particular enactment, two individuals lie down in Leicester Square, London, for a duration of one hour, maintaining physical contact by holding hands. Throughout this time period, a significant crowd gathers, observing the scene and becoming increasingly engaged. However, an element of tension emerges as the performers face a perceived threat, prompting the intervention of an ambulance and the assessment of their vital signs.

Following the hour-long duration, the performers rise from their prone position and proceed to walk away, bringing the performance to its conclusion. This artistic portrayal encompasses elements of endurance, vulnerability, and the scrutiny of public gaze. By recontextualizing the iconic imagery of “American Gothic” within the urban setting and the temporal constraints of a one-hour performance, the artists prompt contemplation on themes of human connection, the passage of time, and the impact of external factors on individual experiences.

People: Liam, Delta

Photo: Alex

A Homage to American artist Grant Woods